Saturday, October 04, 2008

So.... Since I was last here...

I would like to announce the beautiful marriage of Paul and Dori MacAbee!!

Paul and Steve have been friends since... well, forever. They are like two peas in a pod, and talk more than I do with my girlfriends on the phone when they are far apart. Paul is the big brother I never had, and some times I think I am the den mother they both need! Paul is such a sweet, kind-hearted, making sure things are ok find of guy. I feel blessed that I am the one that he used to cry on my couch between girlfriends, while Steve was outside having a cigarette and oblivious to Paul's need to share with me. I have been there through jumping cars, almost sinking vessles that shall not be named, guys night, fires and druck driving in the field, flippin' tombstones in the woods, and random parties over the years (Go Yettie, and Paul is the hottest guy in drag I have ever seen!!)! He took me on my first Harley ride, and I'll bet his nipple piercings have never been the same since! ( Sorry!!) I just can't say enough good things- for every dumb-bunny, jackass thing he and Steve have done, here has been something kind-hearted in return- I just love they guy to bits. As for Dori, I can't think of a better person for Paul to fall in love with- she's practically a Doctor for crying out loud!! (she's finished in May- Go Girl!!) We all know Paul and Steve never just hurt them selves- it's a flat out WOUND! ( see Paul's Propane tank incident for perfect reference) But on top of that, she's really great! She's very down to earth, and a good center for Paul's tendancey to be outragious. She's fun, smart, and even though she's from Eneumclaw, she actually likes to hang out here when she's in town! She's a great partner for Cranium and a great resource for when Steve turns blotchy purple on New Year's and Dodson's is the closest thing to a drug store we can get to in our "festive" state (in heels, no less). I think, as she said on their wedding night to Steve and I, that this "is marrying into a great, solid friendship", that she is very right. Steve and I are proud to have her as part of the family. Congrats, and we love you both!!

Steve and Dori at the reception having a "moment"

Steve and Dale boogying down!

Just us...

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