Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's Easter!

Easter 2008 was great!
With Jackie's work schedule and every one's other commitments, this year, we decided to Easter egg hunt and luncheon on Saturday instead of Easter Sunday. (Good thing too, since the weather was heinous on Sunday!) We stuffed eggs, hid them, and started making bunny bun sandwiches, PB&J egg-shaped sandwiches, veggie trays, fruit, and other munchies. Jaimie called as I was getting food ready to see what I was up to, so Mom and I invited her and Ethan to come play too! We had all the little cousins over (except Holli, whom we missed terribly) and had the best time!! Moriah made delicious punch, there were plenty of treats, and the little girls played in the dress up clothes. After a little lunch, we braved the chilly breeze and weak sun to go hunt for Eater eggs! Riley told mom she thought I was the Easter Bunny, and looked at mom like she was nuts when mom said I was her little baby, not the Easter Bunny! Then we all trooped inside to see what goodies we had found! There were a lot of cool girlie things like sparkly necklaces, bracelets, and rings, pretty clips and barrettes, lip gloss (or lip polish as Ethan called it) and nail polish, in addition to candies. We tried to make it less about chocolate than usual, but we love a good peanut butter egg, so what can we say? Ethan had a blast painting his and Julie's face, and Julie panicked a little when it was hard to wash away all the color off her face! All the girls had a great time, and we were glad to have a party that was also over by 2pm! Mom, Jaimie, Chris, Jackie and I stayed around and played cards, while Julie tried to nap and Ethan buzzed around checking every one out, and smothering Julie on the couch. It was a lot of fun, and ended with a nice game of Speed Solitaire (or the slap 'em game) and a hot cuppa tea (Chris joined in with a Man Mug).
Happy Easter!!