Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Official!

Yes, it's official- Jackie is now a true member of the Lynwood Police Department!! The whole family, Chris, Cathy, Marilyn and Barry made the trip to the Everett Naval Base to witness Jackie's big day! We got to see a video the cadetts put together, see where they trained, and her classroom (yes, there was only one!). Dad was so excited to be THE ONE to pin her badge on her in the graduation ceremony- he kept it in his pocket all day and would rub it when he didn't know were were watching! Mom stood up at the front with Dad, and I got to be the photographer! It was fun to walk in front of all the cadetts standing at attention, and get right in Jackie's line of sight! She wasn't supposed to smile, so I hammed it up and she'd just roll her eyes heavenward. We even got to watch her take her oath to the Lynwood department and be sworn in with 5 other cadetts. We're all very proud of her, and Jess is now in custody for... whatever Jackie wants! Look out world! Yay Jackie!!