Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008!!

Yes folks, it's that time of year again!! Time for the 3rd Annual trip to Stoney Ridge Farm!! This year Julie, Nick, and Linda joined the usual suspects- Jaimie, Ethan, Jana, Aaron, Chelsey, Alex, Mathew, and myself, of course. (we missed little Jamie, but she was partying with her gal pals) We were almost a full tractor ride ourselves!! We had a blast running through the box maze, trying out all the photo op places like the growth chart, scarecrow and cowboy, then were on to the animals!! Nick brought quarters, so he and Ethan fed the mini donkey and horse, and the geese/ducks/turkeys. Nick confused a horse for a kitty, and Julie confused a dove with a peacock (made for each other, eh?!) We took turnes riding the tractor carts out to the pumpkin patch, and went immediatly for the corn maze! Nick, Julie, Jana, Mathew and I ended up down a different row than every one else, so once we figured out we were going in circles, we made for the back door!! Nick was VERRA disapointed in our cheating, and had to pout a little. We found 2 wheelbarrow loads of pumpkins and gourds in the Gourd field, and headed back. The pumpkin Jaimie is lugging is the "baby-got-back-botty-licious Lula" (complete with enough butt cheek that there is crack- honest to goodness!!!) I believe it tapped out at 41 pounds!! After the treck to get the pumpkins to the front of the farm, we were ready for a nap, but powered on to Nina'a in Everson for a little lunch.

Jaimie, Ethan and i carved pumpkins on Sunday, and Ethan was all over it!! He kept saying "Remember when we did this last winter..."- it was really cute! He helped clean out his pumpkin, and did most of his own carving! Jaimie and I picked out a green pumpkin too, so we could carve out eyes and hide them under the trailers when we go camping for halloween... but since hers had a soft bottom, she left him in tact for now. Mine is a bloodshoot eye and a squinty eye, though in retrospect I should have done both bloodshoot. Oh well!! My other is bats flying with a partial moon... it was fun!

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Musings said...

Pumpkin Patch 2008!! What happened to Pumpkin Patch 2009? I can't give you too much crap, it has been a while for me too, but I was thinking now that everyone is located everywhere, we should keep these up to date, think of the wonderful things you have to share!!