Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What a Season!! I get to go to the pumpkin patch again!! But this time, I'm headed to McPahil Berry Farms in Lynden with my niece Livie and her preschool class! Amy called, said they are combining a field trip with Grandparent's day, and asked if I wanted to come too! I think I am a spoiled Auntie!! Steve's dad and step-mother came too. The day was very wet and drizzly, but that didn't stop us from having a great time!! We got to take a hay ride around the farm and out to the patch, and everyone got to pick out their own pumpkin! Livie found hers right away, them had a great time playing in the fresh mud!! She was quite delighted with herself! Then back on the wagon we went and back to the farm to ride a train, check out all the cool animals- pigs, bunnies, koi fish, sheep- and feed the goats. Then they provided us with hot cider, apple juice, and apple wedges in caramel for snack! We had a lot of fun, and Livie's teacher invited me to come to 2 more field trips- a bakery and the Nutcracker in December! Woo hoo!

Ah, the crisp air, bright pumpkins, and the squeal of little boys...welcome to the Stony Ridge Farm pumpkin patch! I got to go with Jaimie, Ethan, Jana and Alex as the Photographer (that was my angle for the adult version of "Take Me!! Take Me!!")! We started out looking at all the animals, and the crazy goats that like to walk high above the crowd! The boys thought the geese were really loud, and the turkeys really funny. Alex bucked a bronc bale and everybody rode the big bale horse. Alex was enthralled with the barrel train, but Ethan hardly noticed it because he found the TRACTORS doing hay rides!! Alex loved the train ride, and we could barely contain Ethan- he wanted to bee line for the tractor! The boys loved the pumpkins, Alex wanted to help Jana with the wheelbarrow, and weight didn't slow him down! We also got to pick our own apple from the rows and rows of trees- Ethan just wanted to pick one, and Alex devioured his and didn't want to share! (they were really jucy, crisp apples- yummy)We also went out to the gourd field, and laugh ourselve silly at all the different colors, shapes, and sizes!