Friday, November 16, 2007

Ethan is 3 today!

In honor of Ethan's 3rd birthday, I am posting his latest GQ pose, get it hot before it's published!! ;)

Jackie turned 21 this year, and when she was in town for Jaimie and My Birthday dinner, after a group of us went to the Quarterback. We had beautiful beverages and enjoyed trying to kick eachother's butts at air hockey and pool! Jaimie and I had sore arms the next day!

Joe's 30!!!

Joe Haddad turns 30 today, Nov. 16 (Ethan also turns 3 today!!). Bonnie put on a great big surprise party for him last Saturday at Mi Mexico- I think there must have been close to 30 people there! Becki rented us a 15 person van and Stan drove... it was the best drunk bus ever! The picture of the boys standing around Toni's truck... yes, they're peeing on it!! In the Mi Mexico parking lot!! We had a marathon dinner, then convinced Stan to take us to Bobbie Lee's in Everson... yep- Cody did karaoke!! Happy Birthday Joe!!

My Birthday!!

I had a GREAT birthday this year!! Not only did Jaimie orchestrate a great present (wink wink) but I also had a lot of parties! Steve took me out to dinner, we had Jaimie and Jaisha birthday dinner the week before, Angela and the girls threw me a great Princess Party (thanks Jess!!) at Beach's, I had Birthday Sunday at Mom's, and my sisters sister-napped me and took me to Jackie's house for surprise girl's night! It was truly a great birthday and I am so blessed to have all these great women in my life!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Olivia's Pumpkin Patch!

Yes, it's that time of year when there are so many pumpkins it's almost overwhelming! But, I was honored to again be allowed to tag along with my niece Olivia (in blue) and her class to the McPhail Farm in Lynden! This year my brother-in-law Mike also went, and Amy was a wonderful mommy-stand in for Olivia's classmate Maleah (who's darling, by the way!). We watched them ride the Train (with the farm dog that HAD to ride too!!), feed the goats and tromp through the field to find the perfect pumpkin. Olivia found hers right off the hay ride, while Maleah had to traverse almost the entire field to find hers! The field full of little pumpkins reminded me of the Great Pumpkin and Linus from the Peanuts! It was a lot of fun as always!!