Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tulip Fields!

Chelsey had this great idea to take a Girl's Day and check out the Tulip Festival down in Mt. Vernon- so off we went! Chels, Becki, Beaner, Julie and I went, and it was beautiful! First we got stuck in a round about somewhere near La Connor, then we drove right past what I think will later bloom into iris fields. The first Tulip field we stopped at was all reds and pinks- very pretty! We were rained, hailed on and wind blown in a matter of minutes, so back to the truck we ran! Then we drove (thanks to Beaner's navigating skills) to the official Tulip Festival fields.

Luckily the weather held off and was nice for the long walk around the field. One end of the rows had the names of each type of tulip, and the other end had the mud and tractor ferrying the Gucci stiletto heal wearing, Coach purse carrying, dressed to the 9's Asian tourists that we just gaped at (it's a TULIP FIELD FOR CRIPES SAKE!!!), carrying their purchases in about 5 bags each... stupid tour buses from Canada!! We read about the faeries that live in the tulips (that's why you can't pick them in the fields) and Julie posed for a picture as a fairy. After we tromped all over, wandered through the vendor booths, admiring art and flowers named after Chels's mom, Becki and Beaner bought a few bunches of Tulips, we headed for FOOD!!

We decided on a new Brewery in Burlington, where they have paddles of beer! Yes, paddles- for about $5, you can choose 4 or 5 different beers to sample, at about 4 oz. each. They come to you on a spanking-like paddle! Chels has pictures, I'll have to get them and post them. The food was good, even though Chels and I didn't get pickles, but our waitress left a lot to be desired. Oh well, less tip for her!! It was a great afternoon and fun had by all!

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Kjell {} said...

Ah, I miss the tulip fields . . . Nothing over here but dirt and trees that God did not intend to grow here.

What's new with you Jaisha?